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About US

  August 1984, Simon and Nannette, along with their children, David and Jenny  came here, to manage Mar Val as a private breeding farm for thoroughbreds, including lay-ups  from the track.(the property also included  Almonds and grapes). Then in 1987, we took in our first boarder (Bev, is still here), and put in our first arena.  Jenny since has married moved to England, and back again to the States with her husband and our two grandkids and for a while successfully managed a historical pub in famous Bath (known for the historical Roman Baths.) David has a 9year old daughter and is involved full time in the construction industry  after completing his Bachelors in Business Construction Management, but he still finds time to help at the Stables

We hold several events each year for our clients, including; play days, barbeques, camping, trail rides and Christmas parties.  Our clients enjoy a warm friendly atmosphere and for  23 years Ramon had tended to their horses, He retired 2019. His son Fernando joined our team October of 2007. Fernando, cares for the arenas and maintains the equipment.(left July 2021) Agustin joined our team 2020. Our son David helps out when ever he can and Nannette oversees health issues, and loves to cook for the barn barbeques.

It was in 1990 when we changed the operation to full time boarding which includes a fully lit 100 X 280 arena , plus a  full size dressage court located amongst the almonds. At that time we cared for 24 horses, we have now more than tripled that number to over 80+

In 1995 we have hosted dressage shows (Dressage in the Almonds) which became so popular, that riders come from all over Northern California.  In 2006 we expanded to two full courts. We hosted 2 recognized dressage shows including Western Dressage each year and several schooling shows including Western Dressage til 2021

In 2003 we expanded to including a retirement pasture under the shade of almond trees,  We also upgraded the lights to our main arena

2005 Mardee Kidd past away, the late owner of the Stables, if it was not for him these Stables would have never  existed

In 2005 We cleared some of the Almond orchard to make space for more pasture, which will also serve as parking for when we have events. Sara Wortley starting her training program (left in the Spring of 2014)

In 2006 we expanded by adding a jump arena, relocating the dressage court for future horse shows, plus added a smaller arena for free exercising the horses, along with a 20 meter roundpen

In 2011 we built a new hay barn that can store enough hay for all winter, replaced the wash rack and added a second one, built a Break Room with fridge, message boards and a place to sit and eat a snack or go online with your own computer. We had our first Halloween Show which was a great success

In 2012 We expanded into the almond orchard to make room for another 14 horses with 10 large grass paddocks.

In 2013 Nancy Stanley (current English trainer) arrived, with her, came years of experience along with a great sense of humor and energy.   We also cleared our last remaining orchard for a trail/obstacle course

2014, We finished with expanding, sat down and had a cold beer!  Plus celebrated 19 years of dressage shows

2017 Alice Kidd past away, the wife of the late Mardee Kidd, she will be for ever in our hearts. I wish today they both could see what they started, a place that brings joy and peace for the clients and their horses. A unique place in the modern era of technology

We can house horses in different ways, stalls (w/runs), paddocks (from 864sq ft to 2400 sg ft). individual grass paddocks and irrigated pastures

How Mar Val Stables started

And if you are a little curious about where the stable name came from .... the late Mardee Kidd (1926-2005) and his brother Val started a grocery store in Lodi, in 1952 called Mar Val Food Stores. His father, Hobson was involved in thoroughbred racing for many years. Val and his father, spent some time as trainers. Mardee preferred to be a breeder/owner as much of his time was spent running the grocery stores. Mardee started Mar Val Stables in 1974

Our clients have come from many cities

 Alaska, Alameda, Atherton, Berkley, Carmichael, Chico, Clements, Concord, Cocket, Elk Grove, Galt, Idaho, Linden, Lafayette, Lockeford, Lodi, London (UK), Martinez, Mountain House, Oakland, Orinda, Palo Alto, Pioneer, Placerville, Rescue, Rio Vista, Sacramento, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Somerset, Stockton, Tracy, Woodbridge