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Dressage in the Almonds (since 1995) Sponsored by
(Lodi Wineries)

Robinsons Feed Stores,
    Held at Mar Val Stables  816 Lucas Road, Lodi, CA 95242              

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       Joyce often seen at main gate, is of many volunteers that help at our shows


USEF website

USEF Membership Statement

USEF Membership


USDF website

USDF Membership

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California Dressage Society

CDS Membership

Show Date #1:  May 3rd

Ring 1 Judge:   Vicki Stashuk-Matisi (R)

Ring 2 Judge:   TBA

Recognitions:  Schooling Show/Western Dressage      

Closing Date: April 25th (post marked)

Entry Form    Info  Class List

Show Date #2:  May 4th,

Ring 1 Judge:    Paula Lacy (S)

Ring 2 Judge:     Vicki Stashuk-Matisi (R)

Technical Delegate:     Doris North

Recognitions: USEF  # 309656, USDF, CDS 

Closing Date:  April 24th(post marked)

Entry Form    Info  Class List

Show Date #3:  June 7th

Ring 1 Judge:   Lynn McEnespy  (R)

Ring 2 Judge:       TBA

Recognitions: Schooling Show/ Western Dressage    

Closing Date:  May 30th (post marked)

Entry Form    Info  Class List

Show Date #4:  June 8th

Ring 1 Judge:   David Schmutz (S)

Ring 2 Judge     Lynn McEnespy  (R)

Recognitions: USEF # 326879, USDF, CDS         

Technical Delegate: Debbie Moloznik

Closing Date: May 29th (post marked)

Entry Form    Info  Class List

Show Date #5:  July 13th

Ring 1 Judge:  Creeky Rouston (S)

Ring 2 Judge    TBA

Recognitions: USEF # 283983, USDF, CDS

Technical Delegate: Cynthia Collins

Closing Date: July 8th

Entry Form    Info  Class List

Show Date #7:  August 17th 

Ring 1 Judge:   CANCELLED

Ring 2 Judge: 

Technical Delegate: 

Recognitions: USEF # 283982, USDF, CDS 

Closing Date: 

Entry Form    Info  Class List

Show Date #8:  September 13th

Ring 1 Judge:   Katie Barglo (r)

Ring 2 Judge:   Lynae Ormsby (L)

Recognitions:   Schooling Show/Pony Club/Western Dressage     

Closing Date: September 8th (post marked)

Entry Form    Info  Class List

Show Date #9:  October 26th

"Halloween Schooling Show

Ring 1 Judge:   Renee Johnson

Ring 2 Judge:         


Closing Date: October 21st   (post marked)

Entry Form    INFO    CLASSES

 Chili Cook Off 2014  Best Chili wins $75