Erica Poseley


Erica Poseley is a rider biomechanics expert who specializes in lunging riders to improve their seats. She learned the art of correct lunging when she studied at the Reitinstitut von Niendorff  in Karlsruhe, Germany with  head rider Melissa Simms. She has studied with biomechanics specialist Mary Wanless and is the only certified Ride With Your Mind coach in California. In addition Erica is the first person in the USA to earn a diploma of Equitation Science from Dr. Andrew Mclean's international course that focuses on equine learning theory and equine ethology.


 Her education over the last thirty years includes studying with Jeff Moore, Liz Searle, Sandy Howard, Laurel von Bruun, Jennifer Roth, and numerous international clinicians such as the Baron von Blixen-Finecke, Dietrich von Hoppfgarten, Mary Wanless, Melissa Simms, Dr Andrew Mclean, and Manuela Mclean.


Erica has trained and competed horses through all of the US international levels. Her lifetime with horses includes showing horses in hand, jumping, eventing, dressage, and of course teaching all levels and all ages of riders. She has earned her USDF Bronze medal.


 "Combining an understanding of how horses learn along with correct rider biomechanics makes the whole riding and training experience more harmonious and satisfying for both the horse and the rider."