Question:   Can you save money by using Fastrack?


Answer:  Yes read below about Roy and Peggy (they weigh their hay and grain every day)


Roy & Peggy Cooke of Eugene, Oregon, own and operate YAWL ARABIANS, where they keep over 20 horses in show-ready condition at all times.

 Roy reports, "We have found that after 17 years of using FASTRACK®, it is the most effective additive for assisting the equine digestive system in the utilization of feeds.

 FASTRACK® produces a beautiful, glossy hair coat, gives more energy to horses, thus building muscle and stamina.

 FASTRACK® allows for a for reduction feed needed by each horse, while producing calmer temperaments and dispositions because of a better use of nutrients. FASTRACK® gives better attitude -- better digestion -- better condition --better mare milk production -- better foal strength and health -- better weight maintenance in breeding stallions and lactating mares. FASTRACK® decreases -- feed costs -- incidences of colic -- effects of stress -- the effects of antibiotics or illness -- veterinary costs.

A well-fed horse is a healthy horse.

A horse without FASTRACK® is not well fed.

 FASTRACK® makes sense!" Roy says, "We feed it on a daily basis here, to every head in the barn, every day.

 We feed 3/4 ounce (of FASTRACK® Probiotic Feed Pack) on top of the grain.

 It has really been a tremendous savings to us because we actually cut our alfalfa poundage down about 20% and cut our grain exactly in half. And yet we have got better looking horses today than we had prior to FASTRACK®."


Read below how we have saved over $45,296.00 over 17 years


 Yawl Arabians Horses


FASTRACK effects in feed Costs

Reduces grain consumption 50%

3lbs per horse per day @$.10lb =                                                          $.30

Reduces alfalfa by 20%

3lbs per horse per day @ $.0625 =                                                          .19

23 horses in barn- daily savings per horse                                                $.49

          23 x $.49 = daily savings of $11.27of $11.27

Annual savings in grain and alfalfa                $4,113.55


Cost of 1 bale Fastrack Probiotic Pack (retail)             $187.75  

50lbs. @ 16oz per lb =800 oz

$187.75 divided by 800 oz = $.23 per oz

23 horses x ¾* oz = 17.25 oz daily

$.23 x 17.25 oz  =         $ 3.97

Annual cost of Fastrack Probiotic Pack

$3.97 x 365 days a year            =        $1,449.05

Annual net feed savings      =        $2,664.50

We started using Fastrack in 1986, and have experienced an average savings of $222.04 per month. Calculated over the 17-year period that we have used Fastrack, we have saved $45,296.00. We have not had a case of colic in our barn since we began feeding Fastrack. “It does not cost to feed Fastrack –it pays” We also enjoy all the many equine health benefits provided by FASTRACK

Roy and Peggy Cooke Eugene, Oregon

*The typical recommendation for a full-grown horse is 1 ounce of Probiotic Pack per day. The Arabian equine is the smallest of the saddle breeds, weighting 900-1000lbs. Roy and Peggy Cooke have found that ¾ ounce is completely adequate for a horse of that weight. They feel that when we are designating a recommended amount for a Quarter horse or Thoroughbred (weight 1100-1200lbs) 1 ounce daily is  a more appropriate amount

Ask us how you can save up to 25% more than Roy and Peggy

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