Probiotics..... Do they make a difference?


a healthier digestive tract means,..... a healthier horse

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What are Probiotics?

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Gastric Ulcers

Fastrack can help with ulcers  Once a horse has ulcers, medicines, such as UlcerGard may be needed to help the horse overcome the problem. I would use Fastrack in combination with this product help make certain the digestive tract is healthy. But if Fastrack is used daily chances of ulcers could be reduced Read more


A letter from Molly Powell, a top Barrel racer

Hello! Wow! The month of June flew by, and July is almost

over as well! It seems like I wait all year to go to the big

summer rodeos each year, and then the summer just passes so

fast! read more


In July 2005, Mike McSpadden’s three-year-old stallion, Kid Trick, won his first world title. It all happened at the American Buckskin Registry Association World Show

 He placed first with each of the four judges in the panel to be named world champion. This may have been muscle-bound Kid Trick’s first world title, read more



Using Probiotics can save money

"Read how Roy and Peggy Cooke of Eugene OR. have saved over $45,000 using FASTRACK®"


Key Benefits

Increased energy and endurance (not high)
Improved hair coat
 (less conditioners)

Improved attitudes  (calmer)
Improved hoof strength
(cracked, weak hoofs)

Improved weight  (hard keepers)
Reduced digestive upsets
 (colic, gas)

Reduced feed costs  (fatter wallet)

Reduce incidence of Gastric Ulcers



The performance and health or your horses or any animal are dependent upon the proper balance of digestive tract bacteria. A good Probiotic product will help ensure a healthy digestive tract and peak performance at all stages of equine development



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This site is to show our experience and of others locally and also show that indeed Probiotics are gaining popularity thru education and successful studies


 Since 1985     FASTRACK® products have been helping many species of animal, including ruminates, poultry, dogs, cats, pigs, sheep, goats, Llamas,

Below comments or extracts from independent sources can be found for further reading

Sites for other reading

US Probiotics (great reading)

International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics

Halter Horse Central

Gut Bugs worth a look


For people YES

Our interest has grown even more, since our grandson was born in England March 2005.  He was such a hungry boy our daughter had to supplement him with baby formula. It was then that we discovered that all baby formula, in England, has Prebiotics and Probiotics in them


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