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2023 We are excited that Amy Shafer has joined our crew, now offering lessons for beginners

2023 New Years Eve a storm bought high winds from the north and heavy rain. A few of our large eucalyptus trees fell across the canal. I now know how tall they are 105ft! This was the start of 15 more storms that ended with a total of 32 inches of rain for the season. Thankfully no major damage occurred

In late 2022 we dealt with strangles for the first time in nearly 30 years, the clients were marvelous in dealing with this even though it was at times inconvenient, out of 90 horses, 21 had to be treated

2022 Sept. After many many wonderful years of giving lessons here at Mar Val, Dana is no longer available but still is near Plymouth

2022 In April Mason joined our team along with his cousin Raymond who works part time. It worked out well as we spent the summer upgrading all 27 shelters. Also the driveway was widened from the gates to the parking area

2021 was the last year we offered dressage shows, this was after 26 years of hosting the shows, we have had a lovely time with many great horses and riders attending with this we have many wonderful memories

July 2021 Fernando left us to pursue a new career, we wish him well and have been thankful for all the years he served us

August 2020 Agustin joined our team in caring for the horses here and is well liked by all the clients here

As of April 2020 Ramon continues to do well doctor said he could do what ever he wishes. we wish him and his family the best

March 7th 2020 we restricted access to clients and professional staff only, due to the Coroniavirus.

On Sunday Sept 29th 2019 just after his 65th birthday Ramon suffered a massive heart attack. The doctors did not give him much chance of survival. However they did not know that he is a fighter, which lead to a successful surgery a week later. He is home now doing well, but he needs to rest for the next 3 months. Ramon has worked very hard caring for hundreds of horses during the 22 years here at Mar Val. Its our time to show our gratitude by helping him financially, If you wish to help please give Nannette or Simon your gift and we will make sure he receives it

As of
February 10th 2019, we have had 18.25 inches of rainfall,

 2018 April Joyce laid to rest Kalahari on the grass berm between the two show arenas. Leslie organized and designed a wonderful plague in his memory. About 15 people attended a celebration of his life including Jeannine who had ridden Kalahari at many shows

2016 We built shade over the tack up area thanks in part to the closing of the Orchard Supply store in Lodi. It used to be the frame that held the fans and light display

March 1st 2016 Angie Simoni joined us for Western Lessons at Mar Val,

 October 2015 Society for Creative Anachronism held their competition, was lightly attended with a few spectators, but there was much cheering and activity with the archery, sword fighting and equestrian events. They are looking forward to returning at the same time next year

In February 2014, with removal of the last almond orchard gave us the chance to put in a trail area with a trotting track about one fifth of a mile, a relaxing change from the arena.

In May 2014, Dressage trainer, Nancy Stanley, joined us here at Mar Val along with her great knowledge and lovely sense of humor

We opened ten new grass paddock this January.
 50x 170, with sheds, surrounded by almond trees. The horses and owners both loved the space

In February we b
rought our new clubhouse for clients to use, during the heat or cold weather.
It will be used for our office events and clinics.

On Sunday Feb 24th 2013 we celebrated Kalahari's 25th birthday about 30 plus people turned up to wish him Happy birthday. Also Jeanine
in the picture with Joyce competed for several years on Kalahari. Joyce had videos to show everyone some of his success in the show ring

Click to see more photos from our Halloween Show on October 28th 2012

July 4th 2012, A group of over 45 people attended our annual July 4th barbeque, Nannette barbequed chicken, and burgers, which was greatly complimented by all the "pot luck" dishes. After dinner we relocated to the small green mound next to the main arena, to watch the fireworks from Lodi lake, we played the national anthem and had music thru the firework display. As ever, I enjoy the 4th all because of the friends and clients that attend each year, I hope the following year is good to each and everyone and that we may all meet again next year on the 4th of July.................Simon

 2012 Mar Val starting offering Dressage schooling Shows which will included tests for anyone to try, including , Obstacle Test, Trail test, Jumping test

Since 2011 Christmas Gifts from the clients at Mar Val went to Adopt a Child in or Salvation Army in LodiChristmas gifts to Adopt a ChildOver Seventy gifts and many clothes are delivered each year to Lodi Adopt a Child or Salavation Army in time for Christmas. The organizers were very grateful as they helped make up for the shortage of donations each year.

New Hay Barn was completed on November 3rd 2011

Hay Tested (started in 2010)

Mar Val feeds orchard grass hay, rye, alfalfa mix. We purchase in bulk from the similar growers, each summer. As a service to our clients the hay is tested for nutrition value, we look for protein levels and NSC (sugar) levels before purchasing the hay


Isabella (on the left) was laid to rest today August 18th 2010. This was the last horse that was owned and raised by Hilda Sanguinetti. Hilda first came to Mar Val in March 1997, with four retired horses Junior, Fernando, Tony and Isabella. Isabella was 30 year old  mare with a big heart, she will also be missed by a few of our clients no more than Cookie who had tended to her regularly in the passed months

New Tack rooms 2006
Finally the two older crowded, dirty, falling apart tack rooms were ripped down and replaced Sept 10th 2006